Firearms Info

At Cooper's we can find almost any used gun for you,
or order a new one in, just for you.
We also will assist you with your out of state firearm
purchase, check the firearm transfer link on this page.
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Firearm's Transfer Information

So, you bought a firearm out of state? Most likely at an online auction site, or a free advertising site such as, congratulations!
But now, how do you get it in your hand... without breaking a handful of federal laws, of course. It is, for the most part, easy,
if you are not a patient person, maybe not so easy! Here is how you do it: You need to pay the seller, unfortunately that is one service I do not offer! The seller
will let you know where you need to send a copy of the FFL. A fax number or email address usually is the way it is sent. You will then need to contact someone with a
Federal firearms license, an "FFL",That would be us. we will send a signed copy of our FFL to the seller or the dealer that you purchased the firearm from.
He will verify we are a legit "FFL" holder, and ship the firearm to us. When your firearm arrives at Cooper's we'll give you a call and set up a time that you
can come in and fill out the transfer paperwork. We then call in your information, run a background check and when we get a "Proceed", you can take it home the same day!