Cool Cop

This model does not fit the Ford Taurus Interceptor, the 2012 plus years of the Ford Explorer and the 2012 plus years of the Chevy Caprice

CoolCop gives you relief!

The Universal K9 and the Explorer K9 are the only ones that have a 10' hose option, all the other Cool K9 ONLY come with the 6' hose, and are 69.95

  • CoolCop comes complete with an air vent attachment,The CoolCop attaches easily onto the air conditioning vent, and the soft vinyl vest attachment fits comfortably between your vest and undershirt Cool air is then delivered under your vest to keep you cool, dry and comfortable
  • 6' of flexible hose and a comfortable soft vinyl vest attachment.
  • The "Crown Victoria" model has a snap-in feature and fits all years of the Crown Victoria.
  • The "Universal" model fits most vehicles.
  • 6' or 10' Hose available for Universal,and Explorer
  • The Explorer and the Universal Cool K9 comes assembled with a dash cup, 6' (69.95) or 10'(79.95) of hose and a kennel cup. 

The Universal model (UNI) installs using a variety of clips that attach to the louvers or inside edges of the vent and fits the Tahoe, Impala, 2011-2012 and new model Chargers, 2011 Expedition, 2011 Explorer, all years Crown Victoria. The “Universal” will install in most other trucks, cars and SUV’s with some weather stripping modifications.